Laser Vision (Bangladesh)

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1st Logo (2000s)

Visuals: A flash illuminates a broken black cube grid. The grid then clears up and reveals a multicolored spotlight background with watery surface below, and the planet Earth on the center. There are four cyan rectangles showing the LaserVision "L" logomark with the text "Laser Vision" seen below, all in white, while they move diagonally and leave a copy of the same logos. Two of the remaining logos then fade out, like a trail. The Laser Vision logo rectangle from the bottom-right then moves forward to the screen and grows, as the screen ripples continuously until the screen fades into the company info on a black background. There is a cyan rectangle with the text "HEAD OFFICE" at the front, the ubication of the company, and the telephone number. The same company info screen then zooms from the top-right, with the rectangle showing a darker blue shade. The logo then goes out with a spinning wheel transition that leaves blue trails.

Technique: Basic computer effects, which is made in Pinnacle Studio.

Audio: A relaxing synth ambient soundtrack with some tribal influences. This is actually the beginning of the Robert Miles song 'In My Dreams', viewable here.

Availability: Laser Vision home video releases were distributed on marketplaces on Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, and they may have come on VCD or DVD releases. It is really rare to find on non-South Indian shopping sites, so look very far to find this.

2nd Logo (2017?-)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Unknown

Audio: Unknown

Availability: Can be seen on Pakkhiraj Bangla and other films.

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