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Tokyo MX is a Japanese TV station broadcasting in Tokyo, which started airing on November 1, 1995. It's known for their abundant late-night anime lineups and weekly airings of the press conferences of the governor of Tokyo.

ID (July 2006-)

Visuals: There is the mascot of the network Yume Lion (a lion with a colorful mane) spinning and meowing. After, it stops in face to us and the "TOKYO MX" wordmark forms in a rainbow color and gets black.


  • There exists a closedown variant where the sky changes to night and Yume Lion sleeps.
  • There exists a startup variant, where there are some moving rainbow stripes with the callsign and the japanese station name. Then, a metallic shell of Yume Lion placed on a white background is seen first. The character breaks from its shell, then smiles and wags its tail, and the name forms below. There's also a byline below.
  • There also exists some special variants for the identity, such as one where Yume Lion is seen chasing frogs and other where Yume Lion opens a sentient chest and then gets eaten, only to come out of it. Others can be found on Tokyo MX's official YouTube account.
    • The special chest ident is used in the 20th anniversary of the TV channel.
  • Another variant is seen where Yume Lion spins before halting to a stop and "TOKYO MX".

Technique: Cartoon-style CGI using Alias Maya.

Audio: A childish xylophone and Yume Lion's voice. In one of the special variants, chest growls.

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