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Intra Films World Sales

Logo (1980s?-unknown retirement year)

Visuals: On the top of a black background, there is a city skyline with searchlights. A comet streak flies into the city. Then, "INTRA FILMS" in the Blippo/Bauhaus font zooms in and an orange rectangle outline zoom out, all with trail effects. Another comet streak flies into the rectangle, turning into a tiny ball of light which wipes in the words "WORLD SALES". The city skyline and searchlights froze.

Technique: The cel-animation and the skyline being a Scanimation, called "EFFECT No. 587 - Tinsel Town" made by Cascom Inc. [possible misuse]

Audio: A morse-code transmitting the company name ("INTRA FILMS WORLD SALES"), accompanied by some swooshes and laser zaps.

Availability: Seen on the Italian version of Terra Nova and in a Image Entertainment DVD print of Red Desert.


Logo (2012-2016)


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