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Fábula is an audiovisual production content company founded in Chile in 2004 by brothers Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín.

1st Logo (September 3, 2011-December 8, 2013)

Visuals: On a black background, we see white text that read "fabula". The fifth letter has a tree on it.

Technique: A still digital graphic.

Audio: The closing theme of the show.

Availability: Seen on Prófugos.

2nd Logo (June 14, 2019-)

Visuals: On a black background, a white tree starts to grow (which is the same tree from the previous logo). As the tree finishes growing, white text "fabu a" starts to flip.


  • The logo can have different sizes, depending on the productions.
  • An in-credit variant exists.
  • An still variant exists.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: The opening/closing theme, or none.

Availability: Seen on Los Espookys, The President, and other productions from this company.

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