Draft:Channel One (Russia) (Clock Idents)

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1st ID (April 1, 1995-October 27, 1996)

Visuals: Over a blue background is the white clock.

Variant: Sometimes clocks stays for over 1 minute.

Technique: 2D digital animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Was seen before news programs of the channel, such as Vremya (Time) and Novosti (News).

2nd ID (October 28, 1996-September 30, 2000)

Visuals: Same as before, but the clock looks slightly different; also, the background this time is what seems to be a blue-ish blurry collage of footage of Russia and Russian media.

Variant: A winter themed version exists.

Technique: 2D computer animation mixed with live-action.

Audio: Two versions exists:

  • Normal version: collage of various Russian media.
  • Winter version: collage of various Russian winter media.
  • Sometimes there would be no audio.

Availability: Was again shown before Novosti and Vremya.

3rd ID (October 1, 2000-May 31, 2011)

Visuals: Over several blue-tinted footages of a cloudy sky moving at fast pace is the digital-like clock with seconds at the bottom and countdown on the top, all set in the Aksent typeface. The background changes one-by-one via moving lines while numbers on the clock face as well as its highlighting lines slowly, but briefly turn translucent at random.

Trivia: The cloud footages came from a video pack by "Artbeats" from "Sky Effects".

Technique: A mix of 2D computer animation and live action.

Audio: Two variants exist, both of them ending with six countdown beeps (though the first five beeps were heard during the last seconds of a minute and are echoing square waves, while the last beep was heard during the first second of the next minute is a pure sine wave):

  • Morning variant (which debuted on October 14, 2000): A crystal-like tick-tock sound with a dreamy ascending synth choir, with an energetic downtempo synth theme joining in at the 13 second mark, along with an electronic rock sounder starting at the 21 second mark.
  • Evening variant (which was the only variant before the morning variant was introduced): The tick-tock sound with a dreamy synth at the beginning, with a weird, pulsating drum-loop (the "Tension 1" drum loop) joining in at the 15 second mark, changing into the music with the same dreamy synth.

Audio Trivia: Two variants of the music were composed by Sergey Chekryzhov using Spectrasonics' Distorted Reality 2 sample CD.

Audio Variant: In the morning variant's first 4 days, the music was slightly rearranged with no countdown beeps; the beginning of the music was also extended.

Availability: Seen on many Novosti and Vremya broadcasts at the era. Also appeared at many technical difficulties with UEIT (УЭИТ) following, followed again by clock at the end.

4th ID (June 1, 2011-)

Visuals: It's a brightened and enhanced version of previous ID in widescreen, with footages of moving clouds being much different.

Technique: A mix of 2D computer animation and live-action.

Audio: Same as the previous ident.

Availability: Was seen on newer Novosti and Vremya broadcasts, especially the Dobroe Utro (Good Morning) program airings.

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