Disney Channel Sign-off

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1st Bumper (April 18, 1983-Spring 1986)

Visuals: In a shot of outer space with the Earth in view, a satellite resembling Mickey Mouse flies in and flies down toward the planet. Over a down shot of a neighborhood at twilight, the satellite swoops down and spreads pixie dust across it, which form circles representing Mickey's head and ears in the area below. Then, the screen fades to a black background with the satellite flying past the camera and covering the screen in pixie dust. Finally, the screen fades to a shot of the Disney Channel logo of the time, a rounded blue rectangle with stacked horizontal lines going across it, plus a gray Mickey icon in the middle. A flash of light appears underneath it and spreads out to form the words "THE DISNEY CHANNEL" in a futuristic font. The logo and text sparkle and shine brightly before fading out.

Variant: At the end of international Disney Channel tapes like The Blue Yonder, the fadeout was replaced by the 1981, 1986 or 1987 WDHV logo (minus the "presents" text).

Technique: The Mickey satellite flying and spreading pixie dust. The Disney Channel logo shining and the flash forming the text. [possible misuse]

Audio: A soft orchestral rendition of "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah". An announcer (Jerry Bishop) says the following: "The Disney Channel wishes you a wonderful tomorrow. And remember, you always have a place to turn to; your family place, The Disney Channel. And now, goodnight."

Audio Variants:

  • At the end of several foreign-language tapes of direct-to-video Disney Channel Original Movies (such as The Blue Yonder), the announcer is translated:
    • Dutch: "De Disney Channel wenst je een prachtige morgen. En onthoud, je hebt altijd een plek om naar toe te gaan; uw familiehuis, The Disney Channel. En nu, welterusten."
    • French: "La chaîne Disney vous souhaite un merveilleux lendemain. Et rappelez-vous, vous avez toujours un endroit où vous tourner; votre endroit familial, The Disney Channel. Et maintenant, bonsoir."
    • Benelux French: "Disney Channel vous souhaite un merveilleux lendemain. Et rappelez-vous, vous avez toujours un endroit où vous tourner; votre endroit familial, Disney Channel. Et maintenant, bonsoir."
    • Spanish: Unknown.
    • German: Unknown.
    • Italian: Unknown.
  • Scandinavian tapes (such as Welcome to Pooh Corner: Too Smart for Strangers) have subtitles in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish instead of an announcer.

2nd Bumper (April-December 6, 1986)

Visuals: Over footage of EPCOT Center's Spaceship Earth at twilight, the words "The" and "Channel" fade in on the bottom of the screen, with the gold word "Disney" (in its corporate font) being written in between them. Then, the Disney Channel logo from before, only with the Mickey icon in gold and the stripes rainbow-colored, zooms in from the center of the screen as the backgrounds fades to black. The logo shines before fading out.

Technique: The Disney Channel logo zooming in and shining. [possible misuse]

Audio: Same as the last bumper.

Availability: Beginning on December 7, 1986, The Disney Channel began airing around a 24-hour schedule.

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