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Logo (Early 2000s-May 2007)

Visuals: The sequence starts out in space, then the camera pans down to reveal an asteroid field, with a nebula in the background. The, the Earth, with the sun shining behind it, is shown, with the camera panning to the planet, passing by some clouds as a mountain is shown. A cityscape at night is then seen, with a distant mountain range in the background. Passing by the city, a building with a Mountain Dew logo with a Pepsi cup is seen, and the camera passes by some more buildings until we see billboards with Gummi Bears, Fisher Peanuts, Sun-Maid Milk Chocolate Raisins and Sour Jacks packaging. A building with the AmStar Cinemas logo is then seen, until the camera pans into the "S". Then, a ball of light flashes onto the screen in space, and a dark metallic room is seen. and a sign reading "Quiet Please" is shown, depicting a silhouetted man keeping a woman quiet while small text reading "SSHHH!" appears. Another sign, this time reading "Please Keep Your Theatre Clean" is seen, depicting garbage being thrown into a trash bin, and a sign reading "Please Note ALL EXITS" comes into view. A column consisting of neo lines is seen behind it, which then splits up to reveal a helix made out of filmstrips. The screen pans inside the helix, and large 3D text reading "FEATURE PRESENTATION" pans from above, with a glass texture applied behind it. The text then faces the camera, and the logo cuts out.

Technique: CGI by SmithGroup Communications.

Audio: Unknown.

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