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1st logo (1967?)

Visuals: On a black and white curtain-like background due to the film detitioration , There is a white and wide rectangle with drama face and a text "Ömür Film" in script font drawn in freestyle with line dropped to "l" and a tip to "Ö" with some circled star in the words "Ömü" like-a arch. The words "SUNAR" appears below in a 30's font.

Technique: None , just the fading in.

Audio: Some cymbal crash and a 2-note fanfare which is "end" at the logo.

​​​Availability: Seen only on Eşkiya Katırcının Definesi and Kamalı Zeybeğin İntikamı.

2nd logo (1983)

Visuals: Unknown

Technique: Unknown

Audio: Unknown

Availability: It was seen only on Bataklıkta Bir Gül.

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