Zespół Filmowy Silesia

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Zespół Filmowy Silesia is a Polish film production studio based in Katowice. The company was established in Early 1972, and ended up dissolving in 1983.

1st Logo (May 11, 1973)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a white beam of light shining upwards (possibly from a projector), where we can also see black smoke. As the screen pans upwards, the steam gets closer and closer, eventually covering the entire screen into a white background. The white background then transforms into a thick horizontal bar, whereas "ZESPÓŁ REALIZATORÓW FILMOWYCH" in a white Arial font appears above letter-by-letter, with the screen zooming away to make the text fully visible. After that, the thick bar expands to give room for "SILESIA" in a bulky font to flip inwards inside of the white bar, as a shiny texture appears in the bottom black bar. "p r z e d s t a w i a" then fades in underneath.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: Industrial sounds at the start, the sound of presumably a projector rolling when the beam of light is shown, a snapping sound when the background fully transforms into a bar along with the sound of a bell, the sound of a typewriter when "ZESPÓŁ REALIZATORÓW FILMOWYCH" appears where we can also hear metallic sounds at the background, and lastly, a harpsichord ditty when "SILESIA" flips in.

Availability: Only known to make an appearance on Na wylot.

2nd Logo (November 22, 1976-March 4, 1977)

Visuals: In a foggy and dusty environment, we come across 7 silhouettes of industrial towers smoking. After this, various sketches of an industrial factory show up including:

  • A water tower
  • 3 minecarts in a shaft
  • 3 hammers standing right side up
  • A machine pouring oil in both directions
  • An axe chopping up a piece of metal
  • A hydraulic press crushing a rock
  • A set of cogs
  • A single gear

Between every sketch, there is a film projector that is constantly pointing in the left and right direction on a white background. After that, the screen cuts back to the same industrial towers, as we see them transforming into the word "SILESIA" in an Oswald-like font, where the screen then cuts to a white filmstrip containing the following text:

zespół filmowy


when the transformation is 90% complete.

Variants: The filmstrip is colored blue in Trędowata.

Technique: Traditional animation.

Audio: A cartoonish army-like fanfare with a dramatic start and finish, along with metal clanging corresponding to the actions happening in the factory sketches.

Audio Variant: On Trędowata, it is silent.

Availability: This logo had a short lifespan, and was known to appear in three films: Przepraszam, czy tu bija?, Trędowata and Ptaki, ptakom.... The rest of their films use an in-credit notice instead.

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