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Logo (2003)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a blue line, as the golden letters "WF" spin and zoom in and golden words "WARI-FILMS" fly in from the right and settle on top of the line. A red stretched word "PRODUCCIONES" fades and zooms in and rapidly zooms out, turning white and normal. The logo spins to a footage of a powerline tower being blowed up. The footage shatters, and it reveals another footage of the same powerline tower falling down. Yellow words "WARI-FILMS" with a yellow underline, white word "PRODUCCIONES" and turquoise spanish warning having an underline too, fade in. The background cuts to a landscape with a sky timelapse and cuts to a city skyline. A white word "PRESENTA" with an underline and a red shadow fades in. The footage cuts in half and flips, hiding.

Technique: Computer animation, CGI, and live-action.

Audio: Various jet sounds and whooshes, followed by an explosion sound when a powerline tower gets blowed up and falls down. The film's opening theme can be heard afterwards.

Availability: Seen on Gritos de Libertad.

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