Warehouse Movie

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Logo (1980's-1995?)

Visuals: On a black background, the purple-pink gradient text "WAREHOUSE" flips in and places itself at the middle of the screen. 4-5 more transparent copies appear from the top-left portion of the screen and place themselves into the same place. Once the action is complete, The screen flips away to reveal the dark blue-turquoise text "MOVIE" in a slanted form, with 4-5 copies performing the same action from the previous segment. It soon fades away once the action is complete and after a few seconds, it cuts to a black background where we see the blue gradient text "PRESENTE" emerging from the center and stays still for a few seconds. It then slowly zooms away after a few seconds.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A menacing-sounding string piece with explosions and bangs.

Audio Variant: 2 Bitards Sinon Rien uses "Hordes of Locusts" by Joe Satriani.

Availability: It was known to appear on French adult films they have distributed, such as 2 Bitards Sinon Rien.

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