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VectorCell was a French video game developer founded in 2005. The company was owned by Paul Cuisset and Lexis Numérique. The company developed Amy for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The company also planned to release Jesus Christ Super-Star on the iOS and Zeebo. The compnay went defunct on 18 November 2013 after bankruptcy and liquidation by the lack of success of the Flashback remake, in which the company suffered from the same fate as Delphine Software International.

Logo (January 11, 2012-October 2, 2013)

Visuals: The design of the logo has 4 circles in form of a rhombus with arrows inside it, supposedly resembling the direction pad. Between the circles, there is a thin wavy line, and below all of that is the company's name "VectorCell".


  • Amy: The screen fades in to a dark room where we see the logo in white against a stone wall, with a light illuminating it from above. A blur effect occurs, which causes the light to become red, a bunch of black lines to appear from all directions, along with the footage to become wavy.
  • Flashback remake: There is a shot of the camera panning in front of a fragment of the logo, which is in white and against a white background. The screen then cuts to another shot, where the camera is panning around a fragment of the company's name. It then cuts to the full logo in white with a light illuminating at the top right corner as we slowly zoom away from it.

Technique: All of them are done in CGI.


  • Amy: Eerie ambience noises with a thud at the beginning, which is followed by a loud breeze with the sounds of heavy breathing.
  • Flashback remake: A faint, suspenseful orchestral tune with a sudden finish.

Availability: Both of the variants can be seen on Amy and the remake of Flashback.

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