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An Introduction

Hi there! I am the owner of the Eternity Media Group channel on YouTube, formerly known as MINISTRYCRAFT 35 and Ministrycraft Entertainment. I am also lead vocalist and guitarist of Fractured Reality, a small band full of ambition, but lacking in motivation. Be sure to check out my Youtube Channel, I hope you enjoy the content I have on offer.
TL;DR: I'm here, I'm queer and I need more beer.

Feel free to watch me stumble around learning the source editor on User:EternityMediaGroup/Eternity Media Group.

Claims to Fame

  • Created the Warner Max page.
  • Created the RfC allowing for official names in headers
  • had my recreation of the Australian What Are You Really Burning?" piracy ad featured in a video by a popular YouTuber.

Current Productions

  • AVIDCast (pre-production)(2023)
  • Rebrand the Brand (in production)

Completed productions

Project Extraction (2022) Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (2021)

A Collection of My Favourite logos

This list is slowly expanding, eventually leading to to an upcoming video, my Top 50 Favourites of All Time.

What I'm Currently Watching

Current Games

My Favourite Bands

  • My Chemical Romance (probably the best rock band of their era)
  • Sigur Rós (some of the most hauntingly beautiful sounds I've ever heard)
  • Paramore (Hayley Williams is one of my favourite vocalists of all god damn time)


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