Universal Productions

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Universal Productions is a Tamil film studio company.

Logo (January 14, 2014)

Visuals: The logo starts with footage of the 3rd Relativity Media logo, up until the galaxy is revealed. Then rotating text with a silver border appears moving from the left, with a glowing model of the Earth revealed to its left. The camera moves back as the text is revealed to be "UNIVERSAL" in golden, with the silver text "PRODUCTIONS" seen below in serif. The elements of the logo then settle once everything is revealed, with the Earth tilted with India and the rest of Asia seen above, and Antarctica shown on the bottom-right.

Technique: Footage from the Relativity Media logo, and CGI for the rest.

Audio: A loud droning bass sound from the preceding Jaichand Jain logo, changing into a dramatic orchestral sting. A brass note is later heard, leading into an orchestral hit and an ominous cinematic synthesizer score.

Availability: Seen on Kalavaram.

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