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Intro (1990)

Visuals: The sequence starts from a brown background with a blue square and an eye looking shape in it. The background and the pupil fills with blue, and the eyeball fills with red. The background splits into two triangles, with them going off-screen to reveal a yellow background, as a red donut shape stretches and dissapears into particles. A black number "7" zooms in, and a yellow background turns into a circle and goes to the upper-right corner, as a strange white object stretches around and turns into a yellow square. Four blue arrows slide in from the square with a little yellow glow behind it. The glow ascends, causing a blue donut shape to appear, and the screen splits into four triangles. They flip out, revealing a lavender screen with words "ТЕЛЕВИЗИОННАЯ СЛУЖБА НОВОСТЕЙ" moving chaotically and a maroon number "6" in the center. The background turns mustard, and a wireframe red circle fades in. It turns into an octagon and zooms out with colorful trail effects, revealing a blue background with a red number "5". A strange pink object zooms in and scretches sideways, and a green burst appears. A white wireframe sphere zooms out and in with a reddish orb fading in. A white grid blinks, and a white outlined number "4" zooms in. White squares appear, covering the screen, and a rainbow octagon shape appears on a white background, turning blue wireframe, and zooming in. Orange-ish quarters of a circle appear one by one, and form a blue oval on an orange background. A brown computerized number "3" is formed while zooming in, and a red rectangle zooms out while rotating to reveal golden letters "ТСН" connected with each other and sandwiched between grey words "ТЕЛЕВИЗИОННАЯ СЛУЖБА НОВОСТЕЙ". A blue outlined number "2" zooms out, with the footage zooming rapidly, and a purple circle zooms in, covering the screen, as the number "2" multiplies. Many squares zoom out, forming a red number "1", and two cyan rectangles cross each other, wiping out, causing a red rhombus to zoom in. It reveals a yellow number "0", and a cyan glow appears. Many black numbers and symbols type in, and zoom out. The glow disappears, as well as the number "0", and blue steel letters "ТСН", leaving a shadow, slide and zoom in from the left. A grey word "ТЕЛЕВИЗИОННАЯ" zooms out with blue trail effects, and grey words "СЛУЖБА НОВОСТЕЙ" slide in from the bottom.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: A dramatic synth tune with xylophone notes on the background. An ascending synth note can be heard at the end.

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