TVP3 Wrocław

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TVP3 Wrocław (also known as Telewizja Wrocław) is one of the local stations operated by TVP3 located in Wrocław. It was founded on December 14, 1962.

Telewizja Wrocław

1st Logo (14 December 1962-1969)

Visuals: On a grey background, there is a black and white vertical line pattern with 4 black equilateral triangles inside the pattern separating "TV" enclosed within 3 black concentric circles on the left, and "WROCLAW" in the same style on the top-right.

Technique: None.

Audio: A slow brass fanfare.

2nd Logo (1969-1990)

Visuals: On a red, striped background, there is a two-colored, double-headed eagle (the first half being white, while the other half is black) on the top-right corner with a set of text saying:


sitting underneath the bottom-left side of the eagle.

Variant: A B&W variant exists.

Technique: None.

Audio: An eerie, seven-note glockenspiel jingle.

3rd Logo (1990-1992)

Visuals: The logo starts with silhouettes of various buildings and houses in a nighttime environment. 3 sets of multicolored spotlights appear behind one of the buildings and sway around for a while. After they remain stationary, the sky and buildings fade out, causing "TELEWIZJA WROCŁAW" in a thin font to appear right next to the spotlights one by one.

Technique: Scanimate animation.

Audio: A majestic synth brass fanfare.

4th Logo (1992-1998)

Visuals: The logo starts with a static blue background. A green diagonal light appears on the bottom-left corner, releasing a transparent green cube, whereas an orange light appears on the top-left corner, releasing a transparent orange sphere. While this is happening, various vertical dark blue lines appear from the top and bottom portions of the screen. As the sphere and cube eventually position themselves to the top-right and bottom-left corners respectively, 2 yellow wisps rotating around the screen fade in, as well as a yellow ray of light appearing from the top-left corner of the screen, causing the sphere and cube along with the background to shrink. A black line appears in the middle, where the sphere and cube squish the 2 halves of the line, thus forming the number 5 (which is the station's number). While this is happening, small white lines appear under the square, and once that is done, "TELEWIZJA WROCŁAW" in a golden texture appears above it. The square eventually becomes more saturated, making the 5 more visible.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A rapidly ascending vibraphone tune accompanied by whooshes, ending with a deep, somewhat soothing choral tune.

5th Logo (1998-2000)

Visuals: The logo starts with 3 transparent rectangles in the colors red, green, and blue, constantly varying by size against a white, wavy background. A yellow piece of paper abruptly appears in the middle of the screen, and it appears to be tearing through the wavy pattern, forming a flower-like shape. As this happens, 3 separate pieces forming a trapezoid fade in around the tear (in the colors blue, green, and red respectively), causing the transparent rectangles to eventually disappear, the tear to disappear, and the same piece of paper to disappear just to reappear in the same position, forming the Telewizja Wrocław logo. The stylized "W" then shrinks to the right side to give space for three vertical RGB wisps to slide in from the right left side and sit right next to the "W", and "telewizja wrocław" to appear underneath from left to right in the manner of a typewriter.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as the previous logo.

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