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TV1 (formerly TV Malaysia, Rangkaian Pertama and RTM1) is a Malaysian free-to-air television channel owned and operated by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. Launched on December 28, 1963, it is the first and oldest TV station in Malaysia.

1st ID (January 1, 2009-January 2011)

Visuals: On a white-gray gradient background with moving blue-outlined quadrilaterals is multiple blue pipe-like objects form. We then see the tv1 logo (three parallelograms colored in various types of blue, with a t in the first, a v in the second, and a giant 1 in front of the third) fly in before flying towards the camera with the left side of the logo facing the camera. We then see the logo in different views fly from the top right to the bottom left of the screen, followed by it zooming away from us. We then see the logo rotate and fly from us to face the camera and settle at the top center of the screen as the pipe-like objects deform, the quadrilaterals get colored in before fading away, and Saluran Informasi (Information Channel) fades in below the logo. The logo shines before turning 2D.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: A news-like electronic theme.

2nd ID (January 2011-2013)

Visuals: Against a grey background with a light at the center, there is a blue "1" in front of the background. Ten square-thorns in different colors from red to pink then enter fly in and surround the 1. After the objects present in the logo do a full rotation, they zoom out as the 1 disappears. The square-thorns then duplicate to form a helix and zoom toward the screen before leaving. As the light in the background flashes, the 1 reappears. After the tip of the 1 hits the screen, it turns red with a black gradient and sets its position as "tv" appears at the left side of the 1. The tv1 logo then does a full rotation before a flash appears at the top right of the 1 as the background gets a bit brighter.

Trivia: The square-thorns in this logo are based on the windows for the Angkasapuri building, which had been the headquarters of Radio Televisyen Malaysia since 1968.


  • Sometimes, the beginning of the logo is cut off.
  • There is another shortened variant of the logo, which was used at the end of promos from the era. We briefly see the square-thorns zoom towards the camera before the screen fades into a shot of the final product.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: The theme can be either of these, which end in the channel's four-note jingle at the time:

  • A DJ theme.
  • An electronic theme with the four-note jingle played with a synthesizer.

Additionally, swooshing sounds accompany the theme as the logo goes in action.

Audio Variants: The promo variant uses a piano rendition of the logo's last four notes.

3rd ID (February 2013-December 31, 2016)

Visuals: On a cloudy grey background, there is a silver structure of the tv1 logo. The logo begins to gain its colors, with the tv turning blue, and the 1 turning red. As the screen flashes is different views on the logo getting its colors. In the last shot is the logo and the slogan, Mewarnaimu (Colors you), spin around. As the logo settles at the middle with the slogan underneath it, a colorful explosion appears in the background.


  • Flowers: There is a close-up of pink flowers on a background with trees, with the right one being the clearest. The tv1 logo rotates and fades in at the top left of the screen, with the slogan in white next to it. As the logo shines, the slogan changes color for a few seconds before turning back to white.
  • Sunset: The screen pans by a gazebo next to a river with a distant view of Kuala Lumpur and light from the sun. As birds begin to fly in from the right towards the left of the screen, the tv1 logo rotates and fades in at the bottom near the left of the screen and shines, with Syukurilah Nikmat-Nya appearing at the bottom right of the screen as a light passes through the bottom of it.
  • Azan Zohor: Against a dodgerblue sky, the screen zooms from a three-arch structure made of glass to reveal a gazebo also made of glass, before the camera rotates to another view of both of them, revealing the surface. As the footage goes in action, at the right of the screen, sparkles appear as the tv1 logo rotates in as Merwanaimu fades in below the logo, before the sparkles disappear. A light then appears and goes through the slogan before fading.
  • Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta: There are multiple hibiscus and campsis flowers on a grassy field, as we see a view of the Petronas Towers at the right and a shining light from the sun at the top right of the screen. As the light from the sun dims and red and pink petals fly to the left of the screen, sparkles appear as the tv1 logo rotates in as Merwanaimu fades in below the logo, before the sparkles disappear, while the text "Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta (The Place Where The Birth Of Love Is)" wipes in below the slogan.
  • Syukur Ramadan: The screen zooms away from a view of the road to see multiple buildings in the background. A cardboard-cutout resembling an animated billboard pops up. The billboard features an animated space background with stars zooming towards the camera. At the left of the billboard next to the center is text reading:

Ramadan bulan yang suci,
Rahmat berlimpah dari Illahi,
Banyakkan amal di bulan ini,
Wajah muslimin selalu berseri.

Below the text reads:

Petikan Nasyid: Ramadan Bulan Yang Suci
Kumpulan Nasyid El-Suraya

At the bottom right of the billboard is the tv1 logo with the text "Syukur Ramadan" above it. The logo seems to be off-center, but shifts to its correct position a few seconds later.

  • Seronoknya: A dodgerblue gradient fades in above a white background, as cardboard cutouts painted to resemble grassy hills pop up from the bottom of the screen, blades of grass appear at the bottom left and the bottom right of the screen, a wooden sign with the tv1 logo on it pops up at the right of the screen, a colorful pinwheel pops up at the left of the screen, two clouds fly in from the top of the screen, and a hanging sign with "SERONOKNYA !" on it pops up from the top of the screen. A pink airplane flies towards the right of the screen, light from the sun appears behind the hills, and a rhinoceros hornbill lands on the sign with the channel's logo on it. The pink airplane reappears near us, flying towards the left of the screen.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: A twenty-seven-note dubstep tune.

  • A different arrangement existed with a woman singing the slogan's name.

Audio Variants:

  • The flowers variant uses a calm twenty-one-note piano tune, accompanied by some triangle sounds.
  • The sunset variant uses a calm twenty-eight-note flute and piano tune accompanied by a choir.
  • The Azan Zohor variant uses a soft triumphant tune accompanied with xylophone and violin sounds.
  • The Di Sini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta variant uses a six-note piano tune, followed by a guitar tune.
  • The Syukur Ramadan variant uses a traditional Islamic tune.
  • The Seronoknya variant uses a piano tune accompanied by synth and drum sounds.

4th ID (January 1, 2017-2018)

Visuals: Two different main variants are known to have aired on the channel:

  • There is the bottom right at the back of a glass structure of the tv1 logo on a white background. The structure is then filled with differently-colored cubes as the camera moves to reveals most of the 1. There is a few more different views of the logo, where we pan by the top of the t, the bottom of the v, and the the top of the 1. When we cut to see the full structure of the logo, the logo zooms away from us a bit before turning opaque by multiple lights as a shadow appears under it and it gains its usual colors, with the tv turning blue, and the 1 turning red, as the cubes outside the logo disappear. The letters of the slogan, Mewarnaimu, flip in below before turning multicolored.
    • An alternate variant features the logo on a cyan-white gradient background. The logo also zooms away further from us and floats.
  • There are multiple multi-colored lights flying over gray cubes over a reflecting surface surrounded by a navy skybox. There is a view of the cubes, which turn into differently-colored cubes as light passes over them. We then see a view of the sky as the multicolored lights form the tv1 logo. Another set of multicolored lights appear and fly to the top of the screen as Mewarnaimu appears by a light letter-by-letter.


  • A prototype version of one of the main idents features "MEWARNAIMU" being written at the bottom of the screen. After the tv1 logo gains its colors, multiple green, blue, pink, and yellow bubbles pop up and briefly take over the screen to form a rainbow over the logo.
  • There is a variant where we see a butterfly with a red head and green-black wings on a field of colorless, leafy plants. Multiple lime bubbles appear as the butterfly flies away, while more of the butterflies fly in. The bubbles appear more rapidly, coloring the field as the sky turns blue, and the tv1 logo forms with sparkles, along with Mewarnaimu below it. The slogan then changes color before changing back to white.
  • The Azan Maghrib variant features stock footage of wind-pollinated flowers being blown. Sparkles appear as the tv1 logo rotates in as Merwanaimu fades in below the logo, before the sparkles disappear. As a light goes through the slogan, Syukurilah Nikmat-Nya flips in letter by letter.

Technique: 3D CGI produced by the Graphic Operation Centre.


  • One of the idents use a fast, thirty-two-note piano tune, followed by a eight-note tune accompanied by choir and drum noises.
  • The other main ident uses an electronic tune with beat noises and some xylophone notes. It ends with five more xylophone notes.

Audio Variants:

  • The Butterflies variant uses a different electronic tune accompanied by piano notes. At the end, there is a group of women singing "TV1, Mewarnaimu."
  • The Azan Maghrib variant uses the same theme from the 2013 Sunset variant.

5th ID (November 2018-March 31, 2021)

Visuals: The sequence starts with a brief shot of the inside of a blue cube before we see the outside of it on a blue-white gradient background. We then see eight more of the cubes fall onto the background, followed by many more until they fill up the entire screen, which transition to them acting as a waving sea. The cubes form a bigger wave, before a fish replicated with red cubes jumps out of the blue cubes before diving back in. A few red cubes fly in before the replicated fish jumps out and turns into a bird. Another bird flies into the scene before transitioning to both birds flying past a replication of Kuala Lumpur made with the same blue cubes. The sequence then transitions to a scene where a replication of the Petronas Towers forms, which the birds are flying towards. After that, we transition to a field with trees being formed, which one of the birds passes through the center tree and flies towards the camera, before transitioning to a scene where the blue and red cubes form the tv1 logo. The cubes disconnect together and reveal the logo as "MEWARNAIMU" fades in below it. The logo and the slogan slowly zoom towards the camera.

Variants: When the logo premiered on November 2018, only the logo formation is shown.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: A calmer and extended rearrangement of the previous logo's theme.

6th ID (April 1, 2021-March 31, 2022)

Visuals: On a white background, there are seven differently-colored dust particles revolving away from us and colliding, causing a dusty explosion. After the screen flashes is more of the dust particles which fly in from the left and right of the screen and collide with each other. The tv1 logo appears, along with the slogan, MERWARNAIMU underneath it and a thin purple-pink cloth-like object at the bottom of the screen.

Technique: Same as before.

Audio: A calm flute and drum tune along with sparkling sounds at the end.

7th ID (April 1, 2022-)

Visuals: The sequence begins with red and blue glowing dust particles flying over Kuala Lumpur before surrounding the Petronas Towers. The glowing dust particles are later seen flying around different areas of the country of Malaysia, which consist of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, three men riding bikes past a structure with art on their exterior, before riding past three men happy chatting with each other, who walk to a cafe, where they watch two women in traditional costumes on TV while enjoying their dishes, a group of mountains implied to be Mount Kinabalu, a house in a paddy field implied to the the Sekinchan Paddy Field, presumably where we see two boys flying colorful kites, who are later seen sitting behind a tree watching a CGI-animated program, with the scene featuring a baby turtle confronting a big, brown fish, a scenario of the sea where we see what seems to resemble the Northern Lights in the sky, a view of the Saloma Bridge, a view of multiple buildings in Kuala Lumpur from a building where we see a man giving a woman multiple red and pink balloons to a woman, and another view of Kuala Lumpur, where the dust particles fly towards the screen, transitioning to a background with a blue light at the top left of the screen and a red light at the bottom right of the screen, where the tv1 logo made with outlines zoom from us. The blue dust particles collide with the logo, filling it and turning the background bright, as a flash appears at the top left of the t, and "MEWARNAIMU" slides in from the bottom. A red light passes through the logo before fading away.


  • There is a twenty-second variant where all of the edited real life scenarios are shortened, and the scene where a man gives balloons to a woman was cut.
  • There is a shorter and different variant where blue and red dust particles collide to form the tv1 logo, before "MEWARNAIMU" transitions in below and a light passes through it. After a few seconds, the logo reverts to dust and the slogan disappears.

Technique: A combination of live action and CGI produced by rGba Studio.

Audio: An orchestral tune with a group of women singing.

RTM1 (2006-2008)
TV1 (Malaysia)