Sarathi Picture's Production P. Ltd.

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Sarathi Picture's Prodcution P. Ltd. is a Nepali film company located in Raj Tirtha, Lalitpur, Nepal. This company specializes in Film and Television activities.

Logo (April 8, 1997)

Visuals: The same stock lightning footage used in various Indian/Pakistan (except yellow-tinted) starts off the logo, then it cuts to a camera panning down to a figure showing two royal people in a carriage with horses and on top of a blue nest-like thing. It stays like that until seconds later, the company’s name in English and Nepali wipes in, along with the company’s founder (?) in Nepali joining in at the bottom.

Trivia: The figure shown on the nest like-thing resembles Krishna and Arjuna in The Kurukshetra War, which was one of the stories inside the Mahabharata.

Technique: A combination of traditional animation and camera-controlled animation.

Audio: Some thunder sounds at the beginning, followed by a man speaking in Nepali until the company's name appears, and the alternative Sham Ralhan choir joins in.

Availability: Only seen on Nirmohi.