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Ralhan Productions Pvt. Ltd. was an Indian movie production company founded by Indian film director O.P. Ralhan, which made several hit movies between the 1960s to the 1980s.

1st Logo (February 1, 1963)

Visuals: On a dark setting, there is a statue of a person holding a flaming torch with two hands and leaning against a giant R. Below the structure, The company's name appears to be there, with the word "RALHAN" in a cartoonish-like font, and the word "PRODUCTIONS" in a different font, and a smaller size.

Technique: Live-action.

Audio: So far a rising four-note string theme.

Availability: Only seen in Gehra Daag.

2nd Logo (August 14, 1966-July 28, 1982)

Visuals: In a dark setting, there are two pink spotlights moving away from each other at the beginning, what's in front of the spotlights appears to be a dark silhouette of a statue we saw in the 1st Logo. When the spotlights reach towards each other, the torch lights up on its own, revealing the same statue from the previous. Lastly, the company's name in pink appears from the bottom and zooms out until it fits the screen. Once again, the word "RALHAN" is in a cartoonish-like font, and the word "PRODUCTIONS" is in a normal-looking font. The logo then fades to black.

Variants: All of the variants have different tints due to film conditions.

Technique: A mix between practical effects and cel animation.

Audio: Three music tracks were used:

  • Early films have a guitar tune for the beginning, a quiet shrill string tune plays when the torch is lit up, and it ends with a note being held by brass instruments.
  • Hulchul and Maari Bena use a repetitive high-pitched lyre sound at the beginning, followed by notes of a vibraphone, and then a shrill string ditty plays. It gets constantly louder and louder until the text zooms out, where a proud 3-note fanfare plays.
  • Bandhe Haath, Paapi and Pyaas start with lyre glissandos which are played throughout the whole logo. When the text zooms out, a differently-pitched version of the 3-note fanfare plays.

Availability: The original version can be spotted on Phool Aur Phattar and Talash. The rest can be seen in the aforementioned Hulchul, Bandhe Haath, Paapi, Maari Bena and Pyaas.

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