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RTB Perdana (formerly known as RTB1, RTB5 and Television Brunei) is the oldest free-to-air terrestrial television channel in Brunei. It was launched on March 1, 1975.

1st ID (April 11, 2017-2020)

Visuals: On a white background, a white sphere pops up with blue floating continents present to resemble a model of the Earth, along with several cut blue ring-like shapes revolving around the globe. Different blue shapes appear to cover the globe as transparent shapes revolve around it. The screen then zooms into the globe, which transitions into the exterior of Radio Televisyen Brunei's headquarters as it passes by two arrow signs. As it revolves around a grey pole, white stairs appear as signs reading BERITA (NEWS), MAJALAH (MAGAZINES), SUKAN (SPORTS), and DOKUMENTARI (DOCUMENTARIES) respectively pop up in a pattern at the left and right of the pole. As the globe faces us, it explodes into the blue RTB parallelograms before the letters fly in to fit the holes, while the letters of "perdana" appear one by one underneath the parallelograms and blue Jawi text flies in before settling above the parallelograms. Menjana Inspirasi in white with blue outlines flies in from the bottom left of the screen and settles at the bottom.

Technique: 3D CGI.

Audio: Same as the RTB1 logo, except that "RTB Perdana" is sung instead of "RTB1".

2nd ID (2020-)

Visuals: Against a navy background, there is a light flashing at the top left of the screen. Several more lights appear on the screen flying around as BERITA (NEWS) zooms from us. The background turns white as the text tilts anticlockwise and a globe appears. The text zooms away from us, and we cut back to the navy background from before as MAJALAH (MAGAZINES) appears and tilts as we cut to the same white background from before with sheets of paper flying. SUKAN (SPORTS) then appears along with a spinning soccer ball when we cut to the white background again. DOKUMENTARI (DOCUMENTARIES) then appears with bubbles floating on the white background. After the background and the lights are left, the blue RTB parallelograms fly in and move to the right of the screen one by one. A cyan flash appears, and we see the parallelograms together reading the abbreviation of the company's name. "perdana" rises from the surface, and the logo faces the screen as we cut to a screen filled with rotating shapes, while the blue Jawi text flies in and settles above the logo. The letters of the channel's slogan appear one by one.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: Same as before.

RTB Perdana
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