Pussycat Home Video

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (1980's)

Visuals: Over a brown background, a portrait image of a pink cat slides in from the top-right portion of the screen and zooms in until it is fully visible. As it stops, 3 sets of text saying:


Ερωτικς Ταινιες Ποιοτας

along with a white horizontal line fades in front of the image, and stays static. Shortly after, the cat image then zooms towards the right-most part of "Pussycat" and remains static.

Technique: 2D animation.

Audio: A hip-hop-like theme consisting of a piano and bass with the sounds of a cat meowing, which is taken from the song "The Lovecats" by The Cure.

Availability: It was most likely seen on erotic tapes during the time, mostly VHS.

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