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Navketan Films was founded in 1949 by Indian actor, director, and producer Dev Anand, and his brother Chetan Anand. Chetan and his younger brother Vijay (who also directed numerous films for the company) parted ways with the company later, and as of today, Dev's son Suneil Anand is currently heading the production house.

1st Logo (May 2, 1952-April 5, 1963)

Visuals: On a black background, there is a top of a lantern that slowly lights up on the bottom left corner. After about 10 seconds, 2 sets of text:


fade in, along with the sky slowly fading in. It all fades out together 8 seconds later.

Technique: Live-action light effects.

Audio: A somber flute melody which is then followed by a sitar theme.

Availability: This was seen on Aandhiyan, Taxi Driver, Funtoosh, Nau Do Gyarah, Kala Pani, Kala Bazar, Hum Dono and Tere Ghar Ke Samne.

2nd Logo (January 28, 1970)

Visuals: Live-action footage of bells swaying in a dark room is shown. In front of it is the company's name "NAVKETAN INTERNATIONAL FILMS(P)LTD.".

Technique: Live-action combined with 2D animation.

Audio: The sounds of bells tonging.

Availability: Seen on Prem Pujari.

3rd Logo (May 11, 1990-August 7, 1998)

Visuals: There is a lamp post that is not lit up yet against a bunch of skyscrapers at night. The lamp post lights up, as well as the lights of the skyscrapers lighting up at unison. While at it, the text "Nav Ketan" in a script font writes in by itself right next to the pole of the lamp post.

Variant: On Main Solah Baras Ki, the text this time reads:

Nav Ketan
International Films

It also fades in instead of being written.

Technique: Live-action combined with 2D animation.

Audio: An upbeat disco-like tune.

Availability: This was seen on Awwal Number and Main Solah Baras Ki.

4th Logo (February 14, 2003)

Visuals: The logo starts with the camera panning around an unlit lamp post against a cloudy night sky. As it continues to pan around, it reveals a dark city skyline silhouette, and both the lamp post and the city light up simultaneously, with the sky becoming dark during the action. "Nav Ketan International Films" in a stacked format flies in from the camera and sits right next to the lamp post. 3 flashes then appear within the text, 2 of which light up the text and 1 causing "presents" to appear. Both of the texts then shine.

Technique: CGI.

Audio: A majestic synth fanfare with the sounds of twinkling, whooshes, and zaps.

Availability: Seen on Love at Times Square.

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