Maspe Filmes

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Maspe Filmes was a Brazilian production company that mainly produced sexually-oriented films.

1st Logo (1980-1985)

Visuals: On a black background, a big red trail of light zooms out. Seconds later, a yellow trail does the same. The trails then dissappear, blurring vertically, and soon we reveal the trails as the words "MASPE" in red and "FILMES" in yellow, all in a cinema-ish font. the word "apresenta" wipes in from the left side of the screen.

Technique: Scanimate animation.

Audio: A timpani hit that rapidly repeats, followed by an extremely loud gong. A cartoon-ish like sound, which is supposed to be an circled bag with cash repeats 5 times, followed by oddly-arranged Chinese percussion, and then another loud gong. Tankoes and Bongoes are heard in the finale.

Availability: Only two films have it which are Palácio de Vênu and Senta no Meu, Que Eu Entro na Tua.

2nd Logo (1984)

Visuals: It starts with a rapidly moving space background. The same "MASPE" appears from the top portion of the screen and performs the same action from the previous logo, followed by the same "FILMES" appearing from the bottom doing the same, sitting underneath "MASPE". At the moment they both stop, Both of the texts turn solid one-by-one, where we can also see "apresenta" appearing underneath letter-by-letter from a flashing star.

Technique: Scanimate animation.

Audio: A fragment of "Automat" by Romano Musumarra and Claudio Gizzi.

Availability: Seen on Volúpia de Mulher.

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