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Line is a Japanese freeware app for instant communications on electronic devices operated by LY Corporation. Users can exchange texts, images, video, and audio, and conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences.

The application was launched in Japan on June 23, 2011 by NHN Japan, a subsidiary of Naver Corporation. It became Japan's largest social network in 2013, with more than 300 million users. By February 2015, it had 600 million users.

Screen (2012-)

Visuals: There is a speech bubble with the text "LINE" in it against a forest green background.


  • Originally, the logo had a very faint green tint, and the background was lime green with a yellow tint at the top. The wordmark of the logo also had more rounded points.
    • Until early 2013, the text "Powered by NAVER", inside an outlined oblong, was present at the bottom of the screen.
  • On versions from 2013 until 2016, the background is in a solid color, and the gradient on the logo is less visible.
  • On versions from 2016 until 2021, the gradient on the logo was removed, and the wordmark was changed to its current one, although the background still retains its lime green color.

Technique: None.

Audio: None.

Availability: Seen when you start the Line app on a tablet or a phone.

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