Konark Movie Creations

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Logo (March 20, 1987)

Visuals: The screen zooms outwards to a close-up of a silhouette against a starry night background. The background changes into a red-yellow-purple stripe background, from which reveals a Buddhist temple in the color blue, which has a white glowing outline. Then, everything fades to black in which reveals a big star with a yellow wheel inside (known as the Ashoka Chakra). The star then dissappears and then the Ashoka Chakra zooms in to us revealing an animated sunset and sea background with a green grid pattern over it, only that the picture is still. The text "KONARK MOVIE CREATIONS" appears below the Ashoka Chakra, and after a couple of seconds, its translation in Telugu does the same.

Technique: A combination of Scanimation and 2D animation.

Audio: A synth note with bells and a violin theme which is held, it segues into a cacophonic/rhythmical Indian melody which repeats twice. It then transitions to the opening theme of the movie.

Availability: Seen on Sankeertana.

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