Hoover Film Company

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Logo (27 November 1952-13 December 1962)

Visuals: On a starfield is 2 massive laurel wreaths with two Cantonese characters vertically aligned in a third-dimensional font (which both translate to "Hoover") in between the wreaths, and below it is a set of white Chinese text, which translates to "Film Co." and which looks like the Cinemascope font.

Variant: A superimposed in-credit variant was spotted on Blood-Stained Shoe.

Technique: None.

Audio: A depressing but at the same time bombastic fanfare which ends on a happy note.

Audio Variant: The superimposed variant uses the film's opening theme.

Availability: So far, this was seen in The Twelve Beauties and Blood-Stained Shoe.

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