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Dontelefilm was a documentary film studio based in Rostov.

1st Logo (1973-1974)

Visuals: Over a brown background, a yellow rounded rectangle is displayed along with Russian text:


displayed right next to it. The text eventually fades out, causing the rectangle to reposition itself near the center, and the letters "Д" in blue and ""Т"" sitting on the bottom-left corner of the "Д" to fade in when it stops. Following this, "ON" in a blocky font appears right next to the "Д" letter-by-letter, forming "ДON", as well as "elefil'm" in a thicker and rounder font performing the same action, forming "Телефильм", thus forming the Dontelefilm logo alltogether. The logo then fades out.

Variant: On У моря Цимлянского, the sequence is faster.

Technique: Cutout animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Saved on their documentary films during its timespan, including Буденновские кони, У моря Цимлянского, Ростов-город and Город Таганрог.

2nd Logo (1974-1980)

Visuals: Over a blue background, the same text from the previous logo is displayed for a few seconds. After it fades out, the Cyrillic company name in a thin, stretched format wipes in from left to right with a blur effect.


  • The color of the background may change depending on the film, such as blue, green, and even grey.
  • Sometimes, the Rostov committee text notice doesn't appear.
  • Starting on Автоград, the legs of the "D" are removed.
  • The logo may be superimposed against the film's opening scene.
  • Starting with В дельте Дона, the logo simply fades in.
  • An unusual variant exists on Донская чаша where the text is red and the background is white.

Technique: Cel animation.

Audio: None.

Availability: Albeit more common than the previous logo. Seen on Вешенская земля, Новочеркасск, Автоград, Блеск антрацита, Ставрополь, В краю целебных вод, Архызский заповедник, Русский чай, Курск, Шахты, Атомград, В дельте Дона, Пятигорск, Донская чаша and Белгород. Other films they have created use an in-credit notice.

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