Royal Nepal Film Corporation

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The Department of Information and Broadcasting is an office of the Government of Nepal's Ministry of Information and Communications. Its purpose is to manage broadcasting, press, and information across the country. In the 1960's, former King Mahendra of Nepal requested the director Hira Singh Khatri to direct the movie Aama, in an attempt to develop the Nepalese cinema and promote Nepalese art and culture through it. Produced under the banner of the then-called Royal Nepal Film Corporation. Aama was released in 1964 containing a clear message of patriotism that "service to the motherland is equally virtuous as service to a mother", becoming the first movie produced in Nepal and one of the most important for the history of the Nepalese cinema.

Logo (October 7, 1964)

Visuals: On footage of cloudy smoke, there is a circle image of the Manakamana Temple, with rings coming out of the outside of the image. The office's name does not appear.

Technique: Live action for the background, and cel animation for the rings.

Audio: A form of ominous Buddhist chanting with bell chimes.

Availability: Only seen on the aforementioned Aama.

Legacy: This is perhaps the oldest Nepalese logo on this wiki, and it became notorious among the community when discovered, mainly due to the ominous atmosphere and the distorted-sounding audio of the chanting.

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