Cinecom International Co.

From the Audiovisual Identity Database, the motion graphics museum

Logo (1980s)

Visuals: On a starfield with a galaxy vortex shown, a spinning globe zooms out from the lower-right corner to the upper-left corner, as a red square with a circle part cut out of it flies out of the globe and settles below. A white laser strucks the shape, making it flash, coloring it into red and causing a white tilted letter "C" to appear in it. White Korean characters wipe in, as well as the words "CINECOM INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD.". The superimposed color bars on them slide from left to right.

Technique: Computer animation.

Audio: An eerie droning synth sound, followed by a whoosh and a dramatic violin stinger (a snippet from "Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares" by Tangerine Dream). A laser zap is heard, followed by another whoosh.

Availability: Unknown. [Examples?]

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