BMC Studio

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Logo (September 9, 2016)

Visuals: On a black background, white futuristic words "Feel everything." fade in, followed by the words "Play everything." fading in, too. The words "Watch everything." also fade in, and the footage fades in to a white background with black futuristic letters "BMC" with a black word "studio" below.

Variant: A short version exists on the Zombitatos trailer, where the logo starts by the company name fading in.

Technique: Fading effects.

Audio: A woman saying the quotes and the company name, followed by her moaning. Afterwards, she says "The excellence of full-motion videogames.", followed by her moaning again.

Audio Variant: In the short version, the woman says only the company name and the aforementioned quote.

Availability: Seen on Zombitatos: The End of the PC Master Race.

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